Monday, April 25, 2011

.Daily Shorts - Wish You Were Here.

"I wish you were here with me when I wake up in the morning, cuddled in my arms. Then my hands could pull you close me, bear hugging you, feel your warm body close to mine, nuzzling your neck and run my hands over your furry chest.

Instead I turn and stare at your picture on the night stand. Remember it? That open shirt photo we took by the beach that one night. I stare at it and play with my nipples, rubbing my throbbing cock against the bed, whispering your name softly as I get lost in the lust and hunger for you touch.

I wish you were here with me when I wake up in the morning."

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Artist for Hire - Commissions and Freelance

Do you enjoy my art style or simply like the way I “ink” and color my work? Would you like to hire this freelance artist to do your bidding? Now you can!


Rates vary depending on the project detail and budget of the client. A basic illustration with 1 character and basic background can range from 25 to 75 Euros depending on the detail of the picture. Adding extra characters will increase the price of the picture.

Feel free to send me an
e-mail at for a more accurate quote!

I also cater for commercial work, however, if you would like to sell my work, or intend to generate profit while using my piece, the price will be higher.


Now offering a Special Price for
AZEROTH BLUNDERBUTTS COVERS! Let your World Of Warcraft character star in his own issue of the Azeroth Blunderbutts for a low and fixed price of 40 Euros!

Each of these packages comes with a cover as seen below as well as an illustration without text of your own Warcraft Character, giving you two pictures for the price of one!

Azeroth Blunderbutts Cover Samples:-

Commission Samples:-

Here are a few samples of previous commissions I have worked on in the past!

Other Samples of my work!


My preferred payment method is
PayPal, but I am willing to accept Western Union provided that the transfer charge is paid by the customer.

I require 50% prepayment before starting the commission and the rest of the payment is done before sending the high-resolution picture via email to the customer.

I’m willing to draw lots of crazy things for you!
Don’t miss the chance! ;-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

.Green Lantern and The Flash.

I once read that one of the many secrets to success as an artist in any industry is to reach out to the fans and, while not compromising oneself, give back to those who support your work by fulfilling a request from time to time.

Now I have to admit, I need to learn to be a little bit more flexible with this, I don’t usually enjoy working on requests, aside from the picture of the handsome Tony Vega, but today I decided to play with a piece for one of my very few “fans.”

He is undoubtedly my best friend, my biggest admirer and supporter, and one of the people who I hold most dear to my heart.

When it comes to Superheroes, we both share the hots for the DC Universe, and when it comes to the JLA, his favorite pair is none other than … *drum roll* … Green Lantern, John Stewart and the Flash!!!

Come on, like you didn’t see that one coming!

I mean, let’s be realistic, who doesn’t like this pair anyway? There’s so much chemistry and friendship that it just makes you want to scream “Stop eye-fucking each other and actually do it! Get on with it boys!”

I personally always had a soft spot for the big muscular hunk that is John Stewart, and he is most certainly my favorite Green Lantern. Sorry Hal fans, nothing personal. I just can’t say no to strong, beefy, chocolate muscle men!

This piece was -really- tricky to work on though, I have to admit. I used -way- too many hues and too much saturation to begin with, so much so that when I finished the piece, I really couldn’t care less about the cum and spit swapping, and was dazzled more with the bright colors in the background, and we all know that that’s just WRONG. Once I toned it down a little, it came together quite nicely.

Still not sure if I’m 100% happy with it, but I do hope that the person this picture is dedicated to really enjoys it.

Much love to you! Enjoy the picture!

.The Watchmen - Comedian.

So I have to admit that before the movie came out, I had no idea who or what “The Watchmen” were, and even during the hype of the upcoming movie, I wasn’t overly thrilled about it until I saw the trailer with my own two eyes.

What attracted me to the movie however, aside from the amazing visual effects and Doctor Manhathan’s neon-blue muscular sexy yet androgynous body, was the fact that Dean Jeffery Morgan, one of my all-time favorite Hollywood heart-throbs, was in fact playing The Comedian, a key figure in the movie/comic’s storyline.

What attracted me even more to the character was watching the movie itself. The man was no hero. He was a rootless and merciless vicious bastard who had fun and always got what he wanted, especially in bed.

I fell in love there and then. It wasn’t just Dean Jeffrey Morgan as a comic book character, but he was also playing one of my fantasy daddies on the big screen! I almost messed my pants in the theatre!

So today my tribute goes to The Comedian and the movie The Watchmen.

I can honestly say that I must have come up with 20 or 30 punch lines as to what the Comedian might be saying in this picture. My two personal favorites were “Want a peek, boy?” or even more fitting for the character, “Get on your fuckin knees, kid!” … but in the end I decided not to add any comic-book text to the image, and just left it for everyone’s imagination.

I think the blood … or rather, pre cum stained smiley-face was also a cute touch to the piece.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on this picture!

And last but not least, cheers to DC for bringing us so many handsome hunks and daddies to drool over! WOOF!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Batman’s Foot Fraternity

Foot Fraternity was originally an artbook/comic drawn by the Gay Erotic Artist Legend that is Etienne. This artist has, very much like Tom of Finland, shaped the foundation of Gay Erotic Art, and served as a great inspiration to myself as an artist.

Going through his portfolio last week, I was inspired into starting this piece, based on two of his artworks from the Foot Fraternity artbook, and gave it my own spin.

Most of my watchers and followers know that I have a bit of a soft spot for foot fetish drawings and this really brings it out at its best.

Dedicated to all the lovers of feet, socks and fetishes of that kind, I give you Batman, Nightwing, Red Robin and The Joker in “Batman’s Foot Fraternity!”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tony Vega

Big holler for Tony Vega baby!

There is seriously nothing more flattering to a young artist like me to be asked by such a handsome, sexy and al-round fantastic erotic artist such as Tony Vega to draw a picture for him to post on his blog! He emailed me earlier this week and I got to work on it right away!

The man is not only super adorable, but his extremely cute face is complimented by a stunning body, the most perfectly round bubble-butt, and a cock that would make anyone drool!

I have to admit, I was aroused the whole time I was working on this … you’re steaming hot Tony!

Mmmm, the dirty and filthy things I would do to that … WOOF!

Note: Permission was given to use a photograph as reference for this request by Tony Vega himself.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Love & Zombies!

I am very happy to announce my first collaboration with the genius that is Ryan Roman on his "Love... And Zombies!" comic!

I've been a big follower for Mr Roman's work, for quite a few years now, and I was always fascinated by his creative approach at page layouts and designs, not to mention his twisted humor and adorable characters!

After a small chat earlier this week, we got talking about a possible collaboration on his L&Z web comic, and in a matter of minutes, I was fighting against time in order to finish this piece for him to post that same night!

It was insane, mentally stressful, made me as nervous as I could possibly be to be working with such a talented comic-artist, but I have to admit, it was a hell-a LOT of fun!

I am very much looking forward to working with Ryan again in the near future! I strongly believe that I will be working on more Love ... And Zombies soon. And if you haven't checked out the comic yet, please do so.

You will -NOT- regret it!